About the company

Our name is the principal guarantee!

Sacoco Constructions LTD with 29 years of experience is able to provide customers with well-constructed residence and blogs of flats, situated in primary locations and well-known for their smart architecture. Our intent is to provide our customers quality, reliability and trust.

Sacoco Constructions LTD was founded in 1989 and dealt with the development of land, separation of plots but mainly with the construction of houses and flats in the wider area of Nicosia.


Our Intend

Our intention is to offer houses and apartments that are constructed to the maximum standards and principles. We design houses and blocks of flats based on quality. As we all know buying a house is the bigger purchase that happens for once throughout a lifetime. So buyers need to be confident and assured. That’s why we will help at every stage our clients to take the best decision firstly for the location of the plot and then for the design based always in clients different essentials.


Saul Bass

Our Values


Relations have to be build on trust


One-year guarantee


Quality and durability

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